June 22, 2017

Event Overview

In our second event, we invited Joe Minicozzi of Urban3 to speak at a public event held at Artstation in downtown Shreveport. Urban3 pioneered geo-spatial representation of economic productivity, allowing communities to determine which areas are best for development. This approach has prompted a paradigm shift in understanding the economic potency of urbanism and the value of well-designed cities. Their studies for municipalities across the United States, Canada and New Zealand have affected the reevaluation of public policy and instituted a broader understanding of market dynamics created by tax policy.

Joe's presentation built on the foundation of information delivered by Chuck Marohn at our 2016 Strong Towns event. Chuck showed that we can create a culture of development with a better understanding of why certain types of development are more productive and less costly to public budget. Joe expanded on that by explaining why certain areas of town are better suited for development than others and how better development choices can make more efficient use of infrastructure and public resources.

Joe also gave a truncated version of his keynote presentation at the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce and had several conversations with stakeholders like the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority.

What Was Accomplished

Shreveport citizens and leaders were introduced to further exploration of how to guide Shreveport development to make better use of public resources and maximize public funds as a result. This continued dialogue has begun to move the needle in public dialogue as well as council chambers and board rooms.

Keynote presentation

Watch the full keynote by Joe Minicozzi on the value that can be found in cities that develop using data.


business community meetings

Joe and the ReForm team introduced business community members to the ideas of value-engineering development.