Tim Wright

Director and founder

Tim is a civil engineer and downtown enthusiast, passionate about connecting people who see Shreveport’s potential. He enjoys a good bike ride, cocktail, coffee, or conversation.

Moving from Dallas just a few short years ago, he was pleasantly surprised to enjoy every minute of the smaller city and the tight connections running through the people. He became involved through writing and exploring and sharing ideas about what makes a city great. Re-Form was born out of what he saw as the key issue defining Shreveport: finding areas of our underpopulated city that needed to be invested in and re-formed to help address today’s challenges. It’s exciting to him to hear from national speakers about what works for cities and learn how to apply them to Shreveport; educating local leaders and leaders in the community on how to move forward. However, Tim sees educating Shreveport’s leaders as only one piece of the puzzle, the other is getting the citizenry involved in small projects that make their block of the community better. If Shreveport’s leaders can be in tune with the citizenry, and the citizens can in turn trust local leaders, then the city’s trajectory can only be pointed upwards.


LeVette Fuller

Founding Member

LeVette is a teen services librarian. She writes about civic engagement and culture for Heliopolis and Shreveport Magazine, and believes that knowledgeable, engaged citizens are pivotal to shifting a community toward vibrancy and away from the status quo. LeVette volunteers for several community service and arts organizations, and thinks land use policy is a fun topic to bring up at parties.


Luke Lee

Founding Member

Luke Lee is a multi-disciplined designer, maker, and business owner who works with his clients to improve the local economy and health of the community through design thinking and action. Luke, his wife Britney, and son Bridger live in the Highland Neighborhood of Shreveport and have been active in improving the neighborhood and connecting neighbors through the creation of and involvement with many organizations in the neighborhood.

Luke is a Shreveport native and has become dedicated to making the city a better place to live while becoming a leader in innovative practices.


Chris Lyon

Founding Member

Chris is a film producer living in Shreveport. He also works with the Prize Foundation on the Louisiana Film, Music, Food, and Startup Prizes - an organization aimed at igniting creative entrepreneurialism in northwest Louisiana.

Chris is also an avid community activist and works to further equality of opportunity and progress on city development issues. He is the editor-in-chief of the local independent news and culture magazine Heliopolis, and enjoys a smooth whiskey or tequila neat.